One of my favorite lure companies. Owned by Pradco now and sadly they are not even producing the most iconic bait anymore, the original Bomber. Well here we have them along with some history and so much more.

Below are just some quick links to some great Bomber information. See all of our Bomber Lures for sale here. In the early 's, C. Their favorite lure was the Creek Chub Crawdad, however they thought the 25 year old lure could be improved upon.

bomber crankbait discontinued colors

The Crawdad in their opinion had an erratic action and didn't dive deep enough for their local lakes. They also experimented with the line tie and lip shapes and realized they could improve upon the design. An idea was born and lifelong partnership was to be formed between these two men from Gainesville, Texas. He returned home to Gainesville and worked at his fathers' music business expanding it into fishing tackle, appliances and soon after butane gas system installation.

The appliance and butane gas section of the business really took off and would later be sold off in along with sporting goods business to help fund the Bomber Bait Company. Turbeville would stay on for one more year full time after selling to help transition the business as he worked the Bomber business at night. Ike Walker grew up in a small farming community outside of Lubbock Texas. He was an enrollee in the inaugural year of Texas Tech, He went to college to be a civil engineer but after two weeks changed to agriculture and Graduated with a Degree in Horticulture from Texas Tech in In he moved to Gainesville to open a tire repair business.

He would stay in this business until World War 2 had created material shortages and he lacked the resources to acquire them. In he went to work for a larger tire repair business in town, Western Auto, that did have access to materials and contacts.

In the meantime he had started fishing a little and making plugs at home. These two north Texas fisherman soon set up in a garage used by Ike for his OK Tire and Rubber business and worked nights starting to manufacture their new lure.

Their first line ties were cut from Prince Albert Tobacco Tins and diving lips were cut from an old cook stove. White Cedar was turned on a hand lathe and shoe eyes were used for hook hangers. The finished products were all painted black to avoid reflection in the deep waters colors other than black were not added until after By a small business was set up.

Friends began requesting these baits, soon after so did local stores. Their first operation was set up on Main Street in Gainesville with the office at E. In Sept 24, they applied for a patent on their new lure. See a copy of the Patent here.

bomber crankbait discontinued colors

In with the war over, the Bomber Bait Co. A German machinist was hired to automate and standardize procedures and the produce the company's first automatic lathe.Bandit Crankbaits are some of the most popular crankbaits with experienced anglers for a reason - and it's not just because they are one of the most affordable crankbaits on the market.

Featuring a compact shad-shape, with a wide wobble and loud internal rattles, the Bandit Crankbaits have all of the fish attracting features available in a crankbait.

Combined with infinite color schemes to match to your local forage, there is a Bandit Crankbait for your situation. Each lure is made with state-of-the-art molding, premium grade plastics and multi-coat gloss paint. Precise construction is why Bandit Crankbaits run true right out of the box with no tweaks necessary. Super durable as well, you can bounce it off of every rock, stump or branch you see and it will still look good and swim like it's supposed to.

Match up a Bandit Crankbait Series with the depth you want, a color scheme for where you're fishing - and go catch some fish.

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks!

Bomber Lures

If only they made an extra deep diver, ft, they'd have the whole spectrum covered. I'm personally not a fan of the andbut that's just becuse I like larger medium and deep diving crankbaits. The works all year around laydowns, stumps, riprap, and chunk rock. I gained so much confidence in squarebills and other crankbaits.

This is a monster for any species and it works great when trolling around too. I'm glad they're cheap. Comments: Good crankbaits for a decent price. I'd recommend swapping the hooks, as they don't have that supersharp "grab" to them that gamas or owners do, but otherwise no complaints. Fish tidal rivers and the marsh? Fish this color. I think this color mimics a fiddler crab very well. It provides excellent contrast in all levels of water clarity. Thanks, Bandit and Tackle Warehouse!

My stock was getting low! I use the Metal Flake Shad in clear water and its amazing. It looks great underwater, easy to cast on a bait caster, swims nice. I was using this crank in a decently clear pond and first cast caught a 5lb bass on it.

Overall great crank and not to expensive. Used it all day fishing laydowns in a creek of the mainriver. Pretty skinny water with lots of wood, and I got hung up maybe 10 times. Definatly would recomend for any type of cover, no casting problems or losing fish problems either. I've got strike kings, lucky strikes, bombers, Storm arashis ect, but the bandit is by far my number one.

The is great for a squarebill. With a you can go from 2'-5'. It's the perfect depth for the ponds I'm fishing in. Make sure you are touching bottom, I like to throw this bait around lay downs, it does an awesome job of not getting hung up, you can bring this little bait through any type of cover.

If I cant get bit on a jig and I know that the fish are there, then I will pick this thing up and start banging it off of trees, the bass cant stand, they will choke on this bait.

Bandit makes some great chartreuse colors that work great in dirty water.The Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbait is designed to attack those tight spots in shallow water where bigger shallow cranks can't fit, and its also a great choice when you simply need to downsize your presentation.

Built with a unique square bill with chamfered corners, the Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbait maneuvers easily over fallen timber and thick cover. Its compact profile and nose-down attitude create an irresistible wide-wobbling presentation as it moves through water and deflects off of structure. Available in a variety of sizes and colors, the incredibly durable Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbait is sure to get the job done time after time, after time, after timeā€¦.

Upgrade Your Treble Hooks! Baby Bass color! Caught 10 today on it. Pretty Good for January! This is out of all of the crankbaits I've tried. You can crank it slow and make kind of a wake bait, if you don't have that model, or you can crank it fast, and make it go foot deep. Great crankbait, and especially for the budget minded angler :. The hooks suck and need replaced but it has fantastic action and just the right size. I was using this lure on a sunny day with semi clear water only about 4' of visibility and banging this thing through some lumber and getting reaction strikes with ease.

It has a nice flash to it as well. I did manage to snag the lure on some of the thick brushy stuff but logs and branches are no problem. The price on this lure is pretty awesome I highly recommend it. There is something in the rattle that is different from other lures. It has a higher pitch and manages to put the fish in the boat. Great Lure. I like to throw them in super tight cover when my Bagley b or bomber model B just doesn't fit. They also work great in clear water with pressured fish.

Don't let the size fool you these things will bring out some monsters. So glad Tackle Warehouse is stocking them now!! This is my GO2 reaction bait, if every other reaction bait fails, have had this crank tied on my crankbait rod since Last year August and im still loving it I alway's catch bass with these when nothing else work's.

Great little crank for the shallow's. Tired of ordering them from BPS,especially when the raised the price when they saw how popular they were. Change out the hook's on these with owner ST red in front and black on back and they are good to go! I have only broke one lip off,but at this price who care's! I alway's have extra's in the same color's anyway! Good fishing,and thank's Tackle Warehouse for finally getting these on your site. This is my go to bait when the larger crankbaits do not work.

I have caught bass up to 3 lbs on this size crankbait.

Bandit Lures Crankbaits Series 100 200 & 300

I throw it on 6'-6" medium light spinning rod with 6 lbs test line. I don't throw anything else.Order by:. Available to:. Model VF Floating Version. Color is GB. Discontinued Rare Model. New on Card. Mint Condition. Current rates apply. International shipping is by 1st Class airmail parcel.

Feel free to email me about any questions reguarding this sale. Thanks for looking. Comes from limited Jan Eggers Selection edition. Genuine and original- no repaint! Made in Ireland.

bomber crankbait discontinued colors

Very good condition. Few small marks from hooks, no big scratches, no bites. Original hooks and rings. No box. Shipping: USA. Thank you. Silver Black. Discontinued RARE. Size is RR Color pattern is Silver Black. Ireland on Lip. Thanks for looking! On Apr at PDT.Order by:.

Available to:. Pearl Orange Stripes Pike, Musky. Bass,Salmon,Stripe Bass. I will have to I will combine and discount shipping cost to help you save some money. If you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to contact me.

Bomber Square A Square Lip Crankbaits

Silver Black. Discontinued RARE. Size is RR Color pattern is Silver Black. Ireland on Lip. Thanks for looking! On Apr at PDT. Seller added the following information:. Lure is 2" in Length. Ireland printed on Lip.

bomber crankbait discontinued colors

On Feb at PST. Up for Bid. Shipping costs include materials. Handling, postage, and Tracking. I list individual lures so you can pick and choose which ones you want and then I can combine shipping to provide the most economical shipping I can. Returns are accepted if there is a defect in the description of the item and the buyer pays return shipping of the item.

I do combine shipping. Fees, tracking and shipping materials kraft envelope, bubble wrap, etc. If you win multiple auctions please wait for a I do ship international but that option can be pricey. I am listing most of my lures individually so you can pick and choose the ones you prefer.

Over the next few days I should be listing over lures so keep checking back to see what becomes available. Payment is desired quickly after the auction is over so I can ship to you as fast as possible.

However payment must be made within 3 days of the completion of the auction or I will begin the non-payment process within ebay. The exception to this is if you are bidding on multiple auctions that span a time frame greater than three days. In such cases please contact me to let me know you are bidding on other auctions. If you have any questions please ask prior to bidding- also please review the information below on statement of condition.

All items sold in'as is' condition. I am happy to ship international on m. Vintage Discontinued Fred Arbogast Sputterbug.Order by:. Available to:. Bomber Excalibur series Bill Dance Fat free shad. Lures is NEW in Package! Perfect addition to any tackle Seller added the following information:. Upgraded with a host of colors, incredibly detailed finishes, and lip-gripping Excalibur Tx3 hooks, Fat Free Shad Guppy's are one of the easiest to retrieve of all deep-diving crankbaits.

Max Dive Depth- 6' 8' ft. Condition- New never been fished- not in original packaging Average Customer Rating: 4. Out of 5. Color is Dance's Mint Condition. Current rates apply. International shipping is by 1st Class airmail parcel. Feel free to email me about any questions reguarding this sale. Thanks for looking. Hard to Find discontinued suspend Fat Free Model.

New on Card. Bomber Fat Free Shad Jr. This great lure has a little rust on the rotating hooks but are fishable as they are and also has a few battle scars but overall is in nice condition. I combine shipping so please wait for invoice before paying if you win more than one auction.

I will only combine shipping on items purchased within 3 days and you must notify me immediately if you are planning on bidding on other lures i have on auction. I also ship internationally but please ask about cost before bidding. Please ask any questions before bidding.

Because I am having trouble with those who are slow to pay and those are not paying. I will file with EBay after 7 days if you have not paid or contacting me about making a payment.The polycarbonate hard baits produced by Bomber Lures have improved so much in terms of quality over the last few years. They have improved in every feature or facet you may care to mention, and I just don't think the average angler is aware of how greatly improved the entire range of Bomber lures are today compared to just a few years ago.

In terms of lure action and fish-catching ability, what more can you say about the Model A? It is a dependable crank that has proven itself productive worldwide for decades. Year after year, the overall construction, quality and colors have been incrementally improved so that today's Model A features super durable, quality construction and true-running action - at an economical price.

The Model A is a middle-of-the-road style of crankbait with a hard, vigorous wiggling action. It has a moderate body shape, by which I mean the Model A's body is not fat, but not slim either. The Model A is a relatively quiet crankbait. It does not have loud rattles, and it floats up on the pause.


It's classic design and dependable fish-catching motion make it a good choice for any bass fishing situation. Note: This color has an attractive orange underbelly. Note: This color has an attractive chartreuse underbelly and orange throat.

OLD fishing lures for BASS from my old TACKLE BOX (from 1970s)

Vigorous wiggling action. Most importantly, they are proven to catch fish. Lots of fish. It is one of the most dependable and productive crankbait models in the world. Thank you for your business. May your next fishing trip be your bass-t ever!

Bass-t Regards, Russ Bassdozer. Email This BlogThis! Newer Post Older Post Home. For pricing and current availability, please visit www.

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