Vicky was sitting on the couch in her living room as she thought about what to do. It was a Saturday, and she didn't have to babysit for the Turners' child, Timmy, but that was why she was so bored. She had always enjoyed torturing Timmy since the day they had first met.

Every bad thing she had ever done to him, as well as every insult that she had ever called him, just made her feel good inside. But if she couldn't make Timmy's day miserable, maybe there was some other kid's day that she could ruin Vicky saw that her younger sister, Tootie, was sitting in front of the TV and watching something.

She was aware that she could torture her whenever she wanted to, but she wondered if she could do that without being noticed. Vicky then looked over at the coffee table, and then she saw it: a pepper shaker, which she had brought into the room before she had eaten her lunch.

That was when she got an idea. She could make Tootie sneeze, something that she had never forced anyone to do before. Vicky took the pepper from the table, put the shaker in her pocket and looked around for any other sneeze-causing objects.

On a shelf on the other side of the living room, she saw a bouquet of pollen-coasted flowers in a vase, and a duster. She removed a feather from the duster and a flower from the bouquet, and then she walked up to Tootie. She made sure to put her inducing tools in her pockets, just out of Tootie's view. Without saying anything in response, Vicky lunged at her sister and pinned her down to the floor. The little girl tried to get up, but she couldn't move her arms since Vicky was holding them down.

Again, Vicky didn't say anything. Instead, she reached into her pocket, pulled out the pepper shaker from earlier, and began to shake it into Tootie's face. Her nose twitched and her breath hitched slightly. Quickly figuring out that Tootie was going to sneeze soon, Vicky switched from shaking the pepper into her face to shaking it right into her nose. She smiled evilly as the helpless little girl's nostrils flared up, and her nose reddened slightly and continued to twitch.

She tried as hard as she could to hold her sneeze back, but it just wasn't working. It probably would have been easier if she weren't being held down.Bad Cold This cold is too much for my shirt sleeve. Go get me a Kleenex- and fast. Atchh- it's too wet for a Kleenex, So bring me a hankerchief, quick.

It's- atchoo- no joke, Now the hankerchief's soaked. Hey, a dish towel just might do the trick. Atchoo- it's too much for a bath towel. There never has been such a cold. I'll be better off With that big table cloth No- bring me the flag off the pole. Atchoo- bring the clothes from the closet. Atchaa- get the sheets from the bed, The drapes off the window, The rugs off the floor To soak up this cold in my head.

Atchoo- hurry down to the circus And ask if they'll lend you a tent. You say they said yes? Here is come- Lord be blessed- Here it is- Ah-kachoooo -there it went. A woman "consoles" her husband as he battles with a cold Agent catches a cold A young girlfriend and boyfriend share a few moments as he comes down with a horrible cold.

A fanfic story of the television show "The Practice" which revolves around Bobby and Rebecca. A couple, a romance, and a cold. End of story. A marvelous story of two lovebirds and their trip to Italy who encounters trouble in the most romantically, perfect way.

The field trip started out fine, but for Jeff and his friend Kris it had an unexpected twist. With the morning already off to a bad start, poor Jeff suffers from allergy attack to allergy attack, not escaping the notice of Jennifer A couple takes a much-needed outing to the grocery store, but Jack gets a bit more than a case of denial. Sam's sneezes are one of a kind, and noticed by everyone Chris and Sarah are reunited for the holidays, but poor Chris becomes a victim of the dreaded winter cold Spending a night together in a hotel after a gig makes two friends realize a few things they hadn't counted on.

Bill and Todd were in the work out room of their condominium pumping iron How's that for a beginning? A wonderful sequel to 'A Brush with Kindness' with the continuing story of poor Cory.Report Abuse. Contact Us. Sign in. Type 1. Type 2. General Health.

Diet and Fitness. Women's Health. Men's Health. Heart Disease. Heart Rhythm. High Blood Pressure. Mental Health. Mental Health Issues. By subscribing, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Sneeze fiction. Flow so heavy - less than 15 min. And immediately the new tampon is already done. Read More. Anna fell asleep when Marvin lost his head. If a person who has retinal detachment sneezes, will it detaches his or her retina again?

I don't have a retinal detachment but I'm just curious because I heard that a sneeze can go up to mph. Hello, I have not been able to sneeze for over year and half. What could be wrong? No risk. I get this pain under my tummy right above my vag whenever I sneeze? Should I be worried?? Im scared! I like the sneezing but the peeing and pooping because of force of sneeze gets me.

Talk about stares when in public. I've had people in front of me duck.My Nose Garden I have roses and rowses of noses and noses, And why they all growses I really can't guess.

No lilies or roses, just cold-catching noses, And when they all blowses, it's really a mess. They runs and they glowses, these sneezity noses, They frips and they flowses, they blooms and they dies. But you can't bring noses to fine flower showses And really expect them to give you a prize. But each mornin' I goeses to watter with hoses These rowses of noses that I cannot sell, The red sniffly noses that cause all my woeses, Why even the crowses complain that they smell.

Why noses, not roses? Well, nobody knowses. Why do you supposes they growses this thick? But since there's no roses come gather some roses- I guarentee each one's a good nose to pick.

A story of the places one man's career and fetish take him, and the people he sees along the way. A great story of a man and a woman who share a love for sneezing over the internet and finally meet in real life. Following Lisa for a day to find out what part sneezes play in her life and why they happen.

A story of a man and a woman out on a date for the first time with cases of the sneezes. Part 1 of a story featuring Mulder and Scully from The X-files, in which Scully gets sick and Mulder, well, gets protective Taking an unexpected babysiting job, Kirsten's in store for much more than dealing with a kid.

A woman who can't sneeze wants to discover the joys of sneezing and gets support from the man she's dating. A police officer hot on the trail of a jewel theif gets side-tracked by her allergies which seem to come up at the worst possible moments.

Beautifully written story of a man whose night out to dinner isn't what it at first seems to be. At work, just when things seemed to have cooled off, someone just happens to pop up again A woman struggles against the urge to sneeze as she tries to give an important presentation.

Sneeze fiction

Going Down! Even something as commonplace as leaving work one day turns into more than one man had in mind.

sneeze fiction

Just as the title states, Pamela Anderson takes a sick day, and get a little fun when Chris gets home, for that matter. The bike ride over to the park was lovely, but now all you want to do is find a comfortable bench and zone out by the lake It starts out to be just another boring Monday morning A Buffy the Vampire fanfic in which cute Willow has a cold which does not at all interfere with snuggling and more with Tara.

The bloopers show isn't all that will have fun with a pretty anchor-woman's sneezing fit. Mick thinks of himself as a geek until he runs into a beautiful, sneezey D.You reach for my hand, but I cross my arms.

Even if they see, is it really that big a deal? But yes. Absolutely, undoubtedly yes, that would be a big deal. And I think it goes without saying that I would prefer not to give blatant confirmation that you left Sam for me.

Thankfully, you told me before we arrived, so we were able to stagger our entrances. The plan was for you to go have your fun while I kept my distance and waited for a text saying you were ready to leave. We one hundred percent do, but I just sigh and allow it, running my hand through your hair.

Our moment of peace is, of course, swiftly interrupted. Shit, shit, shit. I scan the area. Option 1: We take off in the opposite direction of the approaching footsteps.

Sneezes Storytime

No good. Option 2: Hide in the closet to our right and wait for them to leave. A little cliche but not too shabby. Option 3: Stand our ground and accept our fate. Closet it is. It allows just a sliver, enough to see all the dust we kicked up floating in the air.

I curse and hurriedly pull my shirt up to cover my mouth and nose. You grin and lean in close to my right ear. You actually think you can hold back.

sneeze fiction

Tell me, has that ever worked for you in the past? And you know that. The ever-encroaching footsteps snatch our attention. The figures halt what sounds like a few feet before reaching the closet.

I was so sure, though. Oh, God. Please, please do not launch into the story right now, Sam. Of course. Why would I expect anything different? Far back in my left nostril. I twitch my nose, but that does nothing to scratch the itch. Look at all this dust.


Could it be you actually want us to get caught? Out of the corner of my eye, I can see you playing with a pink feather boa. With every shake, I know even more small particles are being released into the air of this confined space. Under normal circumstances, just the thought of that thing getting near me might have generated a sneeze or two. When we put up all those dusty Christmas decorations last month, you were sneezing on and off for hours.

This would turn you into an absolute mess in no time.Lost In the Translation. An author writes a letter to his translator when he finds out that the novel he has sent in for translation has been modified and "corrupted" without his acquiescence. When you and your family have serious hay fever, planning an allergen-free garden is no easy feat.

A man writes a letter to a botanical expert to ask for advice, and explains certain troubles he experienced with an overly sympathetic neighbour in his previous residence Beautiful, magical, dark and mystical, this lyrical story centres on a meeting between two strangers on a beach in the dead of night.

One of them loves sneezes, one of them loves to sneeze - it's going to be a good night. The narrator, a slightly obsessive sneeze fetishist, pulls in a bar Only to find out, once he brings the hay fever stricken lady back to his, that he has finally met his match.

Sneezy's Notepad. Sneezy must have the world's worst allergies.

sneeze fiction

Just how bad are they? Read the wonderful letter Sneezy writes to his doctor, and find out. A warm, sun-kissed afternoon of love, lust and sneezes is shared by the narrator and her man in this absolutely gorgeous short story. It's About Obsession. Guy is a lonely bachelor, desperate to find love.

Vanessa is a woman with a fascinating secret. And Christopher might just be able to bring them together Find out just how far will some people go to meet the girl of their dreams. Mental Block. Mike McMillan has a mental block that prevents him from sneezing in front of people, particularly women he's interested in.

Sneeze fiction

Mike can't seem to decide whether this is a good thing or not- but it would seem his sneezy girlfriend Laura has her own take on the matter. The Story of My Secret. Meet Lynne, a "witch with very limited powers". Blessed since childhood with the ability to will people into catching colds, Lynne learns throughout her lifetime that with great power comes great responsibility No prizes for guessing what they find it in.Unless 'ass' counts as a swear word, I'm pretty sure I didn't curse in this one, even once.

I don't normally manage that. Normally when he finds that he needs to sneeze, Kakashi will stop himself. Anything to prevent unnecessary noise; a shinobi must always be prepared, even if the situation doesn't call for it. And he doesn't like sneezing, because it makes the inside of his mask pretty gross. It isn't very hard to stop a sneeze, at least not for him—just a matter of concentrated breathing, and maybe rubbing the bridge of his nose a little, and nothing happens.

In desperate, unstoppable sneezing situations, pinching his nostrils closed makes it much quieter than it would otherwise have been, which is better than nothing.

A shinobi must always be willing to make slight compromises, even if it means having itchy sinuses for up to a few minutes. And the first few times his face tried to make him sneeze, he stopped it, as usual. But this one is persistent, and every time it fades away it tries again a few seconds later. So, in a rare case of laxness, and only because it doesn't actually matter right now or even most of the time whether people can hear him or not while he's in his own village, he decides to let his guard down for a moment to let himself sneeze.

Quickly Kakashi is forced to admit to himself the main reason he doesn't usually sneeze in public; because certain people overreact to everything he does. So concerned about one of the least important things Kakashi has ever done, Naruto, in the middle of a training exercise he's supposed to care about performing, drops what he's doing and bounds across the two or three meter distance between the two of them to ask for more details.

Kakashi is sitting on a bench with both feet on the floor, and Naruto decides that he has permission to put his hands on his thighs so he can propel his face as closely into Kakashi's as possible. He puts a hand on Naruto's forehead and gently pushes him away, grabs his wrists and removes them from his legs. Naruto shakes Kakashi off and moves in close again, though thankfully without touching him this time, eyes fixated on the underside of his nose.

Maybe you should take your mask off so you don't get boogers all over it. You're supposed to be practicing chakra manipulation, not invading other peoples' personal space. I was practicing noticing stuff! Naruto crinkles his nose and folds his arms. Beneath them the ground is primarily loose stones, and he kicks at them, because he couldn't think any less of gravel right now.

Kakashi is very good at reading faces, and Naruto's says that gravel is annoying. Stupid gravel. Gravel is stupid. I don't have time for this butt stuff.

The front of his shirt is powdered with grey dust he hasn't bothered to brush off. Get over yourself. Slighted, Naruto's mouth opens to respond, but is covered by Sakura's hand before any words are released. He tries to pry her arm away, but her grip is too strong for him and he cannot. She lets him go and he gasps for air, rubbing his cheek where her nails pressed into his skin.

She puts her fists on her hips and sneers at him.

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